Oktoberfest Tips

This year was the year – after 3 years of waiting and planning and gathering the requisite number of attendees – and finally it was here! This in information from 2017 – check links etc if you use this on a different year!

After surviving an attendance at the biggest beer event, here are my pro tips!

  1. Research the tents. Seriously, take some time, read up and determine where you want to visit.
    1. Take note of which tents will serve you without having a table
    2. Take note what food is served at which tent that you might enjoy
    3. Take note of which tents have tables that do not require a reservation
  2. Think about going on an “off time” to the tents
    1. Weekends are obviously more crowded
    2. Weekdays and weekdays earlier in the day are less crowded
    3. Tuesday is generally family day – perhaps avoid that day at all costs
  3. There are tents that serve things other than beer
    1. I know, sacrilege, but the pastry tent has everything but beer – red bull and vodka, long island ice tea… But the sweet! And you can sit wherever, if there is a seat!
    2. There is a wine tent
    3. There are tents that also serve wine with the beer
  4. Know what you can drink
    1. Obviously you are here to drink beer. Do that, enjoy
    2. A maas is a liker of beer. IT might be only 3.2 but it’s still a big glass
    3. There are many that pre-game, but know your limitations!
  5. Bring pretty much nothing but cash with you into the Wies
    1. They have a very specific rules on what can go into Oktoberfest.
    2. They pretty much stand shoulder to shoulder blocking the entrace
    3. A small purse or wristlet is the way to go
  6. Dress the part!
    1. Seriously, go with the flow, get an outfit! You already paid a ton of money to get there, so go all in
    2. Hubby bought genuine lederhosen from amazon – as he was informed of the need to stretch it out prior to wearing it in the tent
    3. The gals all went to Trachten outlet and we got all put together rather quickly and for not a ton of money. I got a vintage dress at 49 euro, shirt for 17 euro and an apron for 17 euro.
  7. Take a gander at what else is at the fairground to entertain yourself
    1. There is a map of the entertainment area, but it is generally posted on the info booth
    2. My random highlights:
      1. Die Bravia – a statue you can climb and then view all of the grounds!
      2. Floh Circus – it was a hoot, but better if you know german
      3. The dessert tent
      4. Fish on a stick (ok, i just went with the fried fish, but still)
      5. Shopping! (I got an adorable small purse to hold my phone and money!

Mount Grayrock

This hike has been on the list for about 7 or 8 years!

Mt Grayrock is up off the poudre river, west of ft collins. It was in my loop hike book that we got shortly after we arrived colorado.

We attempted it this summer – but the temps in the poudre river area are about the same as denver, so august…  not amazing for starting a hike around 8am.  By 2 miles in, i was out of water and the boys laid down and said no more, and the hubby was ready to file for divorce…

Next up – enter Suman – I tapped her after returning home to hit this up in october – she was game!

The day finally arrived, a high of 55, overcast, ok let’s go!

Suman brought me a “Standard Bagel” from Rosenburgs! I ate half on the jaunt to the trail head!

After that we headed up, up, up and up! The sun was out, but I still had 3 layers on with 1 more in the backpack for the top.

The beginning follows the river and the sides of the trail reach in for you. They say there is poison ivy, so keep those ankles covered!

It was interesting to see the hillsides decimated by beetle kill. We imaged what the colors would have been like for fall if they were all still standing.

We continued up enjoying getting peaks of the hills in all directions. We had yet to see greyrock mt…

Finally we reached some manner of top and also found the wind we had heard blasting through the trees and valleys…. Brrr! For me i had not thought to bring a hat or gloves (also they are packed in storage, so i wouldn’t have ad them any way!) But my wonder woman buff was good enough to cover my ears!

As we meandered over the top we finally got a view of GrayRock and the meadow between us.

The views continued to be stunning!

We eventually got to the “base” of the summit. Then it got really hard. Ugh!

The trail was basically just giant boulders… up and up.

Then the trail was just not really there and you had to take care to watch for the next cairn or sometimes a mini hiker sign..

Then we watched the snow come for us! We thought it disappears and then the next time we looked it had us completely surrounded! On we went…

Final destination – the summit – totally worth it! The hidden lake was beautiful.

I scrambled to just below the top – the wind was too intense for me to risk the top (yup – chicken!)

 Notice my hair blowing sideways…

The views back out toward the hills and ft collins were fabulous! You could see where the sun was and the clouds stopped!

Then it was time to escape the freezing winds and get down to the car! Of course, then the sun came out and the clouds went away – Grayrock looked much more spectacular!

Longest part of the hike – i’m sure of it! My feet were boycotting – all the walking on rocks were just too much for them – but there were still miles to go!

In the end we did the loop including the summit in 6 hours. We rewarded ourselves with a margaritas and some mexican food!

Fabulous day, amazing view, great hiking buddy! Super glad we made it – no need to do that again!




Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 8

Last day in Munich…

We decided to do one more round at Oktoberfest, get some more fried fish, see some more of the tents, check out the flea circus and then see what else the day held!

We started by entering through a side entrance and meandering the midway – i can definitely say I have never seen so many carnival rides nor so many duplicates of the same rides! There is a lot of entertainment to be had!

Next up – Die Bavaria – a statue at the top of a hill that you can climb up inside it!

It’s 3.5 euro  to do the climb, which to me was totally worth it. Only 4 can go at a time and it’s a good thing, the viewing platform is pretty tight! But the views are amazing!


Next up, finding a tent to sit down and enjoy some together time! I picked the tent that looked like a giant cake and it was close to the 2pm arrival of the 7 layer cake! Woot! The cake was huge and so many sparklers!

There were so many treats and cakes and a gigantic skillet that they make an amazing dessert in! Yum!

After our fill of sweets and music we headed out to try and find the flea circus…

Pro tip – we finally found the flea circus – thanks to a map on the side of the ticket booth!


It’s crazy – 4 euro per person to see the floh circus! The show was actually real flea’s glued to little things with wheels etc. Sadly the carnie did not really know enough english for us to get the whole spiel, but i can now check that item off my bucket list!

We did a smidge more shopping and then decided to head out for some lunch. Since it was finally sunny we decided to return to Augustiner Keller for some yummy brews and the outdoor biergarten! We even got our server to serve us the sausages that the hubby loved so much! After some interrogation we learned the name and the translation is “Devil Sausage”.

Definitely a wonderful way to round out a trip – dear friends, great discussion and just relaxing under the sun!

We headed back to Marienplatz to meet up with another friend! They all returned to our hotel to pick up packages and relax, while i headed up the stairs to the top of Alte Peter! Woot!

I was heading up as the bells were finishing their chiming – woah! Loud!


The views were beautiful and the accomplishment of climbing all the stairs was great! (since the chancellor was going to be talking on a stage below there was security, one each side at the top – and well armed… i did consider asking one to take a picture of me, but then no.)

After climbing down, i enjoyed some quiet shopping in the Viktualienmarkt – got some cheese for snacking on the flight home!

After that it was gathering with friends, finding a place for more snacking and winding down the final night in Munich!

Fabulous vacation!

Munich/Salzburg – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 7

This day was one of the days that i was most excited about!

I had found a 4 hour tour all revolving around the Sound of Music. What i didn’t realize was how much one should know about the sound of music before going on a tour about it. It’s now in the queue to watch and try and remember all the things they told you about the movie etc!

We decided to re-wear our Oktoberfest garb and were the only ones dressed up – but really that’s ok we had a hoot!

We trained out to Salzburg (1.5 hours) and headed out to see the Hohensalzburg – the fortress of Salzburg! The most bestest part – the funicular up the hill to see the fortress! Squee!

The view around Salzburg – Mozart’s hometown  were amazing!


There was a museum with some of weird torture artifacts, musical instruments and weapons

After enjoying the views it was time for the main event – Sound of Music Tour! Woot!

We gathered at the specified meeting spot with about 100 or more other tourists!

We got on our bus and off we went to see the sights!

As we passed through town we saw were the different actors stayed and some cute stories about their time there.

We stopped first at a location where the back of it was used in filming and the lake. It was also the original location of the Gazebo (there were 3 in total) but that was moved and we saw that later!

Next up the Gazebo and a view of the house/mansion used for it’s front in the movie

From there it was off through Salzburg to view the Abbey from the road and talk about some scenes up there and then out about 45 min away to the church that Maria’s wedding was at

We stopped a bit prior to view the mountains where the family hiked to safety (not actually possible, but hey, it’s hollywood)

After that we had a snack and enjoyed the town and then the tour was over!

All in all i would not recommend this tour, i expected singing along the way and a raucous time. It was interesting and we learned lots and saw different things, but won’t have to do that again!

After the tour we had time to get some dinner before our train back to munich.

Since mike had told us a story of how he was denied Pho the day prior due to a restaurant not being open, when we saw a vietnamese restaurant near our location when we searched, we knew we had to do it! Uncle Van did not disappoint!

We meandered back to the train station and relaxed on our trip home! Definitely a full day with great friends and fun sights!

Tomorrow was our last full day in Munich – on deck – Oktoberfest again, and climbing Alte Peter!


Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 6

Even thought it was only day 6, it was really the 7 day itch for the hubby. He was tired of go-go-go and just wanted to relax. As that is not my speed, things were less than stellar this day, but we ended up having a good time anyway!

We started with a little bit of sleeping in, then to the metro to head to the BMW Welt tour

as well as the Olympic Park and tower!


The day was one again dreary and drizzle… But the metro stop is really right there… IF you go out the correct part of the Metro you can basically walk right into the welt (or as we call it, the really fancy show room) We walked the long way and hit the museum portion first. Not having an amazing hold of the german language it was a treat to try and indicate we had reservations for the factory tour. Take care when they give your directions on where to meet! The first sign is not the correct one, walk through the gift shop and there is where you need to meet. We figured it out, but it could have been stressful as they indicate a limited number, no late arrivals etc…

We were at the correct place for our tour – we locked up our phones as the instructions said (in the free lockers) – which apparently no-one else did. And then…  the guides or stand in guides are fluttering around, talking really fast in german to one another, then flipping to english indicating to please sit and wait…  long story short – the factory was not running. Le sigh. Are you kidding me, my sorry butt got all the way to germany and your factory is down. I’m thinking an email in the morning could have saved us the trip.. Alas they said the tour would still go on, but that nothing would be running – not really a comparison but having done the Celestial Seasonings tour when it isn’t running, we decided to skip a 2.5 hour walk through a dead plant…


Next up the olympic area. And for me the tower!

Directions were not great, but luckily it’s the tallest thing in the area, so finding it isn’t too hard.

We paid our entrance fee and up the elevator we went. Again – it was overcast and raining, and no pictures inside came out because of the glare, but it was fun to see where things might be or parts of munich or the frauenkirche or other things were knew where they were! We did go up the stairs to the outside platform and enjoyed the sites from there too!

Next up – roadside america but overseas- i had read about a little church that has caused a raucous when they were building the facilities for the olympics. The little man had build his house and church out of rubble after WW2 with no permits etc… The government was going to tear it down… but the town rallied around him and they left him be… It was not well marked, as in not really at all until you walked through the entire Olympic Park (which is actually quite stunning – but really wished we had gotten bikes…) and only after you leave the park is there a tiny little sign indicating to head to the left.

Can’t say it was worth the jaunt or the cranky hubby but I can say i saw it, and when it falls down, it wont be something i never got to see! Yeah for father timojef!

Next up – lunch – we were starving! We headed back to Marienplatz! And finally with cash in our pockets we got to eat at the Doner Kebab place! Squee!

I went with the plate and wow was that a ton of food! But it was all the things, and so beyond delicious, i can’t even tell you! Soooo yummy!

Lucky for me I also got to steal all the veggie parts from hubbies place! It was a smidge of a soup natzie thing – as in, no changes, just take it as is, sit where/when they tell you to sit, and bring cash and pay them at the end! The other option i would suggest is to get it take away, and bring it to the beir garden next door!!

After that hubby had some work emails to answer and we were yawning with the food babies we were carrying around – so to Starbucks we went!

I left hubby there while i went off exploring!

First up the Frauenkirche and the “devil’s footprint“. I had also hoped to climb one of the onion domed towers, but it was under construction – sigh…

It was a beautiful church and always super fun knowing some history and what to look for inside!

Next up – I had a note in my “what to see list” that there was an elevator in the “new town hall” – so I meandered in to see if this was true! To my delights it was!

I had my 4.50 euro counted out and ready to pay the lady! It was an elevator to the 4th floor – which is a note as you enter the elevator, then you pay your fee and there is another smaller elevator to the 9th floor for the views!

So amazing to look down and see all the pieces of the New Town Hall (which is actually older than the New Town Hall which was destroyed during WWII and rebuilt in the 90’s)

I also enjoyed looking over at Frauenkirche as i had just been there! The detail for only those close up was phenomenal! I enjoyed my little secret tour as I felt i got something special since I had left the hubby behind! At this point my phone was nearly dead, so no more pictures or texts unless I returned to Starbucks and the hubby and the battery.

From there we knew we had a late night, so we popped back to the hotel for a nap!

But not before taking a quick peek at the Oktoberfest Museum. It was not a great tour and not alot in english and no option for beer at the end. I  would suggest popping into the pup instead of paying to take the tour, but we did some cool old logos and pictures from the past!

We woke up with enough time for us to run over to Nueue Museum for me to finally see those darn sunflowers, and then get to our concert!

The museums take turns on which ones stay open late on which night, and this one was wed night. We ran it at 7:15 and flabergasted the staff as to why anyone would come into a museum with so little time left. Since i don’t really do well, and i knew my main objective was the sunflowers, i was fine with it!

There is a series/event called SOFAR – basically it is pop-up concerts in random places. I had seen a couple month prior that they had one in Munich while we were there, so figured why not! And we got in so it was something different and cool that no everyone else could ever do!

You have to bring your own booze usually – ut this place did end up having drinks, so that might have been useful to know prior, as we forgot about the weird 8pm store closing thing, even in downtown and were running through the REWE (i call it – Ree-wee, but found out later it is re’ve’ – but got to amuse our expat friends with my pronunciation) and grabbed chocolate and beer before they threw us out!


What i didn’t really factor in was that the MC and speakers would all be in German. So I attempted to grab a couple works here and there…  but nope…

There was a couple next to us that would tell us important things once in a while, like, the next act is upstairs on level 3! So that helped!

It was a fun night, funny that every word was in german until they started to sing, all the songs were in english. *shrug*

We got through the first 2 acts – the first one being in the lobby with everyone sitting on the stairs that circled up, the next being upstairs in a room with a whole wall that was greenery… But with 20 minutes between each act and it already being 10pm… It was a fabulous venue – an old hotel that is kind of a co-working, hostel sort of thing with a huge dance floor performance space that spanned a good number of floors.

And then the cold that had been being kept at bay was heading our way, something fiece and we had an early morning the next day – so we skipped the last 2 which was a bummer since it looked like the last one was a good sized drum core… But i think the sleep did us good!

Definitely a  once in a life time! Next up – Sound of Music tour – and we decided to re-use our outfits from Oktoberfest, cause, why not…


Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 5

Our day 5 was a little less on the upbeat side, but i decided when we first were planning the trip that seeing Dachau Concentration Camp.

It was a drizzly overcast day and seemed to fit the location.

It was an easy metro ride and then a bus hop to get to the location.

We were not in time to get on a docent led tour, well, not in time to get on the list for it. But we were able to get hand held audio tour.

I decided not to take an photos, as i just did not feel right about it. Hubby and other did and I can view those. It was a humbling, heart wrenching and devastating tour. Some know i don’t do well in museums – my attention span drops to about 7 minutes, so i started my tour on the outside.  AFter having read books, sat through history class, seen movies – it really is a different experience to see the locations. Bunk rooms made for 100’s that they stuff 1000’s into. The poison and furnace rooms. This location had had other lives after the liberation of the prisoners, but eventually it was reverted back to a memorial in the 60’s.

The museum is well done and had a tremendous amount of information.

It’s always something to keep in mind that the end result was terrible and you wonder how people got there, to be able to do such horrible, immoral things, but it all started with something less bad and it built and built from there… If you do something just a little more horrible than the last thing you did, it is easier to rationalize and hitler and the reich were brilliant in their marketing on that front. I heard on more than one occasion that people saw similarities to the states and that was frightening. Frightening that others could see us, the free nation heading down a terrible and horrible path.

After a couple hours we all regrouped at the visitor center for a snack, to decompress and compare impressions of the location.

From there we headed back to Munich and into the English Garden, aiming for the Chinese Beer Garden (is that not hysterical?)

Definitely a beautiful garden, even on a super dreary day!

We all enjoyed being outside and with great company and greenery!

From there we meandered back toward our stomping grounds of Marienplatz and ended up at the Ratskeller for the ambiance and to get me some Franziskaner, which had been hard to find so far!

We rested our weary feet and contemplated the rest of the day! A little bit more shopping (suman got some henkle knives) and then what to do for dinner. The first meal on saturday at Augastiner-keller sadly set the bar for hubby and sausages, and every other location and their sausage did not compare. So we decided to go to Augastiner-Dom which was near to Marienplatz…  they did have a plate with some sausages, but only a couple and not exactly as good as the original first meal.

I went with roasted pork and dumpling – yup, still not digging the dumpling… But the logo with the JW was certainly cool!

We wrapped up the night after that, with Suman and Premilla heading home the next morning, Judy and Mike heading back to their friend’s house to relax the next day and us heading to the BMW factory for wednesday!


Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 4

The big day had arrived! Our tent day at Oktoberfest!

We got up when we felt like it. Isn’t’ that lovely!

Today was the day to wear our fancy outfits! Squee!

Our table was booked at the Lowenbrau tent – 10 people, 10 pre-paid 1/2 chicken meals, and a large appetizer tray! Squee!

It was a tremendously fun time! We had our reservation for monday at noon to avoid the weekend rush and be ahead of the drunken children later in the day! (Yup, i’m old…)

We enjoyed the appetizer – the first of many obatz cheese tastings and tons of meat, and salads and yum!

Next up – beer! It’s lager, it’s like drinking budweiser, but it’s huge and it quenches your thirst. But there are other options – like the Radler. That is much tastier and goes down much better!

We learned that our pre-paid 1/2 chicken meal vouchers could be used for anything else on the menu – thank goodness! Hubby and I shared the sausage plate and something else i didn’t really like…But at least we were not stuck with a 1/2 a chicken each!!

Next up – singing and dancing to the oopa pa band!

There was definitely a happy vibe, the tables were beyond close, so you got to know your neighbors very well!

One weird thing – the gals walking around were selling little bottles of white powder. And people were “snorting” it. So strange!

After our time slot was over, we still hadn’t had our fill of beer, so we went to the Augustiner beer garden to enjoy a sunny day and some great company! On the way there i found me a fried fish sandwich and we tried one of those cookies we saw everywhere! The cookie – meh…  not very good, the fried fish – delicious!


It was a wonderful afternoon and as the sun set we decided it was time to eat more! Suman had a reservation for us across town.

We headed across munich to a place known for dumplings… (I have discovered, i’m not a fan of dumplings…)

We enjoyed a delicious meal, some wonderful weis bier and the most amazing dessert “plate” you have ever seen!!

Eventually the evening winded down and we each headed our own way! The next day was a trip to Dachau.

Side note – the dirdle – mostly super comfortable, except where the scratchy material isn’t covered by the “dirndl shirt”. And you never feel weird tromping around in your outfits, cause everyone else is too!


Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 3

Day 3 in Germany was a trip north – to Neuschwanstein Castle! Woot!

It was through Mike’s bikes and it was a super fun day!

We started in Munich for our adventure! We all hopped on the tour bus learning to carefully look left and right when crossing the bike lanes that are attached to the side walks.

It was about 1.5 hours to our first part – a bike ride around a lake with views of the castles, a beautiful nature preserve and some swans!

Next up we enjoyed lunch at a local brewery and crossed our fingers that the rain would continue to wait…

Alas…  we did not cross our fingers hard enough or do a good enough rain stay away dance…  The came in fierce…

We rolled up to the castle as the skies opened up… our option originally was to hike up to the bridge – Mary’s Bridge to – view the castle from the optimal position.

We chose the bus for 2.50 euro a piece…  since it was more than a drizzle it was definitely worth it!


The views of the castle from the bridge was amazing! The extra bonus of the sun in the distance, were wonderful!

Next up – we wandered back toward the castle in time for our tour. (no cameras, 27 minutes entrance to exit)

The tour was amazing and lacked some detail, but definitely worth the cost of entry! So curious to know more about each of the rooms and to return when they start sunday symphonies again!

We all gathered at the gift shop after the tour, hubby and i grabbed some glü wine and we walked back down to the bus – since of course it had stopped raining by then…

Wonderful day with all kinds of random activities! Great way to enjoy Germany!

On our way back we picked the brains of our wonderful tour guides – Hunter and the other lovely lady from brussel came up with a list of yummy dinner options. Since it was a couple days in – we went with the mexican option – Gordo Loco!

The owner was from mexico, spoke spanish, english and german! A definite treat, and his hot sauce was kick butt!

The interpretation of some of the classical mexican specialties to german were a surprise but all in all the food was tasty! I went with the shrimp fajitas and nums! But the sopapillas – oh no… a fried burrito full of mostly raw apples… not amazing at all!

Great day 3, ready for Oktoberfest on monday! Woot!


Munich – Oktoberfest – Day 2

After a lovely 13 hour sleep – which probably would have been more but John’s phone alerted us to Tom’s birthday at 9am!

Today was a pretty non-scripted day. Main objective – see the keg tapping at Oktoberfest.

We metro’ed to the Central Station, and followed the signs to the festivities!

There was a parade to kick off the day – it was all the tent owners on horse drawn carts with barrels of their beer!

I was pretty surprised at the amount of “pre-gaming” on the street. Seemed everyone had a bottle of beer. More humorous was the pile right before the entrance and on a different day a set of little old people collecting the empties near the entrance – pretty smart!

We eventually figured out that we should circle around the parade and get into the fest in time to see the keg tapping. We got into the sea of people and shimmied forward through the gates.

We got hung up a bit with the crowd and with some of the carts stopping to drop off their beir, And then i heard it, the tell tale cannon blast to indicate it was officially open. So we missed it, but it was fun to be there on the first day!

We looked around, took a circle through the Paulaner tent, looked at the food options, found our tent for monday and then decided it was time for lunch!

We hooked up with Suman and Pramilla for some lunch at one of the oldest beer houses – Augastiner!

We didn’t have reservations so we ended up in the “basement” – which was AWESEOME!

Pamilla and I each picked the pork and dumplings with a fried egg, and Suman and John got a spicy sausage (devil sausage) and some potato salad! We also started with the obatz – omg, i’m addicted to this stuff…  so delicious!

Pro tip – if there is a basket of pretzels on the table – you are charged per one eaten!

After our wonderful lunch we headed to see the Asam church made by 2 brothers that was above and beyond. Similar to the hidden church in amsterdam, this place was small but all the different architectural types were used and it was insanely decorated!

We did some shopping to have accessories for our outfits for monday! I got a purple rose band for my hair and a bracelet with interchangeable buttons!

Next up was another staple of Munic – Hofbrauhaus!

We walked in and took the first seat we found, grabbed a seat, some weisbeir, a pretzel and enjoyed looking around and the oompapa band!

We called it a night after that to get ready for our trip to the castle the next day!


Munich – Oktoberfest 2017 – Day 1

After 3 years of planning we finally made it!

Luckily this year Lufthansa started a direct flight from Denver to Munich! A mere 10 hours and you are in Germany!

We left the states at 4:30pm on Thursday  and arrived Munich at 10:30am on Friday!

I got just a quick cat nap, so it was on to try and stay awake till night time!

The metro system in Munich is fabulous! I was able to download an app MVV that allowed us to buy tickets on the phone vs trying to figure out the machines. Of note – we never once had anyone check out tickets. It is assumed you will follow the rules, so we always bought tickets. There are some interesting option which include a “family” or “group” ticket which counts for up to 5 adults. Fun fact – 2 children count as 1 adults. That just made me laugh!

We easily found the train to get us into Munich (S8) – bout 35 minute ride.

Suman and Premilla got off on an earlier stop for their Air B-N-B, we continued to our hotel – Hotel Isartor (suggested in one of the many books i read on Munich!). It was a great option. Full european breakfast each day, room was good sized and had a balcony! The trick with this hotel was to communicate via email – that way you could book early. They only require 80% down 30 days prior to arrival, and then you pay the last portion on check out. But book early as they do sell out for Oktoberfest. I booked around February. Another bonus was that our Metro stop was the same name and around the corner! Win!

We unpacked a bit and then headed out for some grub and to stay awake! We wanted to try a donner kebab place but we hadn’t obtained cash yet. Note – most places prefer cash, so if you can, have euros instead of relying on CC.

We ended up meandering into Marianplatz for a bank (later discovering there was an ATM nearly next to the hotel, oh well)

Then we headed back to  the Viktualienmarkt – it had everything including (food, snacks, souvenirs) a maypole and a beir garten!

We chose a place where we could sit, joining a couple guys from Australia! Hubby went the sausage route, i went with a dish that said swiss sausage and swiss cheese. It was yummy, but definitely looked weird!

Woot – first weis beir in Germany – on vacation!

From there we look and walked around, found our first ticket based bathroom experience.

Super high tech in the train station – you pay your 50 euros, the sliding doors open, you enter the rest room. It was weird (for an american) to have everyone go through the same entrance and then split off to the correct door. Also whoever the “cleaner” was would go into whatever rest room – so i ran into a gentleman in the woman’s side on more than one occasion. One that helped me used a fancy all in one hand washing station too!

After that it was time for our walking tour of the city!

It was about 2 hours and we got see and experience a ton of the city!

I did end up falling asleep standing up, but dropping my waterbottle solved that!

Random tid bits – Marienplatz, Mary’s Tower, Old Townhall, Tribute to Michael Jackson and the Monkey Tower (story from the guide)!

After the tour, we went back to Viktualienmarkt to grab some dinner/snacks. Suman/Pram and I got some cheese and meat, hubby got sausage of course, and weisbier!

After that i got a little burst of energy, we did a little walking and found the Trachden Outlet right before closing and “suited” up to be ready for Oktoberfest on monday!

We stumbled back to our hotel, crawled into bed and slept for 13 hours!