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Double Header Stair Climb for American Lung Association

This weekend I did a double header! 2 stair climbs – one in Seattle one in Portland (OR)! At first i was just going to do 40 flights in Seattle and 160 in Portland… But then I learned i could do 160 in both! So i said why not! We started the day in the fog!



The 40 floor building was actually the “smallest” building i had done, but agreeing to do it 4 times in row – that was big! Since I had 2 races, i decided to get an additional Wonder woman Shirt!


I did do very well, i thought, very fast for me! 8 minutes! That is nearly 5 flights a minute! Oh my! IMG_6862

Obviously I got slower over each one!   They did a full split – so i got to see how i did each time!


We drove back down to portland saturday after the race and check out and was ready for the next race!

This race I had a wife of a friend of my husbands and her running ream join me – i’m pretty sure they hated me by the end!


Once again i was up for the 160 flights – which was actually 164 since we climbed to the 41’st floor… oy This time it seemed a bit harder, my thighs were pretty chatty – perhaps the long climb the day prior or walking around seattle hills or… By the end of the second run i was considering bailing and calling it a day… But decided to just keep on truckin! And i did the full climb, 4 times! Yeah me!


All in all i feel pretty proud of myself and am looking forward to see how i do in Denver at the end of February – 56 flights! (I’ve done this one for 4 years, but i always like to see if i can go faster!)

As a reward, we went for a great brunch on the 30th floor of that building. It was nice to relax a little and enjoy a fabulous meal!


I ended the day with pedicures with my mother-in-law! Woot!!!


Campfire – Fire starters – results

So we finally had a few minutes to try out one of the completed fire starters!

It worked GREAT!!

It was a pretty windy day and it still stayed lit with a nice flame!!

Can’t wait to get camping and try these out!!

This one lasted nearly 20 minutes! Woot!

If you missed the post on how to make theses – it is here

IMG_6769 IMG_6770 IMG_6771 IMG_6772IMG_6774 IMG_6776 IMG_6779 IMG_6782 IMG_6783 IMG_6785



Campfire – fire starters – DIY

I’ve known forever, that egg cartons, dryer lint and candle wax were the basic ingredients to creating ones own fire starters to take camping. I attempted once to melt the wax in the microwave inside the egg carton – note – don’t do that. After last summer of enjoying quite a bit of camping and using the walmart brand fire starters that turn your fingers colors and probably contain more chemicals than i want to know about I decided it was time to do our own thing.

So i started saving dryer lint, and candle remnants, and toilet paper rolls (not sure why except that are quite flammable and it’s kind of like recycling…) and egg cartons…

This Saturday it was snowing and i knew we weren’t going anywhere – so it was time – to create magic!

I looked on line and found a couple options of how to do it – the regular in the carton, the neat kind where you dip the whole thing in wax (too messy for me), one that was just toilet paper rolls, lint and paper and matches, and even one using used coffee grounds (that’s the next project!)

Step 1:

Prep the area. Setup an drip catcher for when you spill wax or your wax seeps through your egg carton, and for where you cut up your wax. In theory you should have 1 spot to cut up your wax to equivalent type chunks so they melt at the same speed.

IMG_6709 IMG_6712IMG_6726 IMG_6710

Note: Remove the front and back off the egg carton. And cut all the wax into similar sized pieces.  Also – just to be safe, wear some safety glasses or if you are lazy like me, slap on your own glasses, just gotta protect those eye balls!

Step 2:

Prep your egg carton

I decided to use my toilet paper rolls by cutting them in half and rolling them till they fit in the middle of each egg location, then stuffing the lint around and in them.

I”ve seen options of just doing a pine cone, just the lint, or the one on deck for next time is coffee grounds and some filter!

IMG_6713 IMG_6714 IMG_6715

Step 3:

Melt the wax. I didn’t realize was could be so deadly, and had bought a “disposable” pan at the goodwill during the summer for this experiment for $2! But as i read the others that had gone before me, i saw the error of my ways and obtained a glass jar to place in the middle of said disposable pan! I would probably go for the metal can instead of the glass (i also decided as it was bubbling and moving around the pan, safety glasses – a good plan!)

Having all the pieces of was the same size makes the melting go better. And once you think it is all melted, guaranteed, it isn’t, let it sit and melt longer!

And melting wax take a long time, well longer than i thought it would… here is my time lapse of the melt!

IMG_6711 IMG_6716 IMG_6717 IMG_6718 IMG_6719 IMG_6720 IMG_6721 IMG_6722 IMG_6723 IMG_6724 IMG_6725 IMG_6727 IMG_6728 IMG_6729 IMG_6730 IMG_6731

Note: you might have to refill the water occasionally while the boiling is taking place!

P.S: really glad i cleaned my stove earlier so these pictures look ok!

Step 4:

Pour wax over the prepped egg carton!

Using your ove-glove pick up your bottle/can from the pan. (shut off the burner)

Carefully pour the amount of wax needed to cover the lint and cardboard and create a “hard” element that will be used as your fire starter later. As other have mentioned, the more wax your use, the more time it will take to burn…  Some of the lint and egg carton will be your “wick” to get the fire going in your starter!


Step 5

Repeat the wax meting and pouring till all your egg carton cups are filled. Took me 3 melts. But i had a small bottle and small pan

IMG_6733 IMG_6734

You can either store the whole thing or cut each cup from the main. Depends how many you like to or want to use to start your fire. They certainly look gross, but i’m very confident they will work fabulously! (We’ll try burning one soon and give you and update!)

Items of Note:

  • Ove-glove – was vital to being able to pour the molten wax
  • Safety glasses – just made me feel much safer
  • Wax – its takes alot, alot
  • Time – it took much longer than the hour i thought it would.
  • Location – make sure you have paper or something down to pick up the wax etc that might drip.

Tofurkey in the crockpot!

As a family unit, we don’t enjoy turkey, ham is ok, and snacking is what the gods made food for!

We had purchased a tofurkey for our “solo” thanksgiving which turned into a group thang of making Indian food – A-maz-ing! I’ll have to put the recipes up at some point – they still need tweaking tho…

So for Christmas, with our oven still out of commission…  we decided to go easy and yummy!

I re-created the southwest breakfast crockpot thang from craft day last year, with hotter options… Still not amazing, but makes a ton so great for brunch options for a crowd!

We had hummus from costco – the one with the mixins (mmm), a cheese menagerie from sprouts, summer sausage (ala walmart – so much cheaper than target), and the bell of the ball – the tofurkey. The first year we cooked one, we did an olive oil, balsamic basting option. This year we decided to mix i up.. So we doubled the normal temphe/tilapia marinade and hoped for the best. I made the marinade/basting mixture in the morning and let the ball “relax” in the stuff for most of the morning… We put it in the crockpot on low for 3 hours for “dinner” later in the afternoon.


Since it’s not a real meat we were able to obtain the “drippings” from the marinade to use as a gravy over the sliced ball for dinner. IT was yummy!



The whole kit and kaboodle


(Sliced tofu with asian marinade gravy on the right)


for some other more traditional options

  1. onion mix
  2. From the tofurkey peeps

8 years ago today!

ElephantsFlowers-Wedding UsLaughingBoat-Wedding WeddingCake

Eight years ago today, I said I do!

Over the summer I came across the toast i said at our wedding and thought it bared repeating!


Because I love you truly,

Because you love me, too

My very greatest happiness

Is sharing life with you!

Let us toast the health of the bride

Let us toast the health of the groom

Let us toast the person that tied

Let us toast every guest in the room

May you all live to be present at our Golden Wedding


Cheers to many more!

Cleaning the Water Reservoir

Ages ago i would fill my camel back with crystal light. Double the water, but still, well i needed to have flavor…

Oy, eventually I got over that! My camel back backpack is still stained red from a mis-hap with the valve getting squished…

It turns out that even filtered water has “something” in it that will mold if left in your camel back too long. Yuck! I have also learned the hard way, more than once that 70 ounces of water is not enough for me and the pups to share. So i upgraded, but then also needed an new holder…  I wasn’t feeling wealthy – so i went with this store near REI called GoLite- and got a 120 ounce bladder, and supporting backpack  (holds the boys baby bjorn as well)- same price as just a bigger bladder, different type of sealer, with built in valve closer and it’s been working well.


But the reason behind this story is that, i’m now paranoid about the water now and need to clean them (well talk the hubby into cleaning them) and I either don’t have a cleaning tablet or can’t be bothered to pay the price! So i went on line and low and behold camel back has a how to clean it page! Go figure!

Baking Soda – Check!


Someplace to hang the reservoir high: check!


Draining well


Some place to let reservoir dry: check!


Cleaning complete!


The best way to care for your reservoir is to clean and dry it after every use, especially if you fill the reservoir with anything other than water.  However, theoretically, if someone didn’t clean it after every single use, and mold or discoloration happens to develop…

  • Use hot water and 2 tablespoons of baking soda or bleach.  Mix the solution inside your reservoir and hold it up above your head while you pinch the bite valve, allowing the bleached water to run through the tube.  You can also use CamelBak Cleaning Tabs.
  • Let the reservoir and cleaning solution sit for about 30 minutes.
  • Wash the reservoir with hot water and mild soap. Be sure to completely rinse away any bleach or cleaning solution before using again.  You can also use CamelBak brushes from our Cleaning Kit to scrub your reservoir and tube.  Brushes are the best way to ensure you are scrubbing all of the areas of the reservoir clean.
  • Once the reservoir is clean, be sure to air dry the reservoir so no moisture is trapped inside, which can cause mold to grow.

Weekend at Cow Creek South Campground

This past weekend, the hubby, the boys and I spent out first family weekend out camping!


This campground was on the Green River Resivour , I managed to book us a site right on the water, and oh was it pretty!

IMG_5370 IMG_5366 IMG_5367

The sites were huge! Next time we can bring a bunch of our friends with us! We saw the weather, it was a 50% chance of rain, but it was so warm! High 70’s even at night! We had a new toy with this trip – a queen blow up mattress. That was a very nice way to sleep vs our small tiny hiking mattresses.  They boys were pretty excited too!

But after we went to bed, the real fun began! The wind whipped up like no-bodies business, it snapped the pole of our shade, and nearly blew us, tent, sleeping bags, pups and all into the water!! We made it thru the night, but it seems that location was definitely storm ridden and a bit windy – so if you go – tie down your tent really well and don’t leave anything out!

The next day we attempted to do a hike..  But it turns out that this place was mosquito ridden. We didn’t think to bring spray with us on the hike, so after a bout a mile we gave up and went back to the campsite and enjoyed the afternoon relaxing – with the hillbillies that arrived in the campsite next door with their 6 ski doos, 10 friends, a motor boat, 3 dogs and other stuff… Eventually it all calmed down and we had a great afternoon and evening!

We definitely enjoyed the weekend, got in some good resting, some good together time!

IMG_5385 IMG_5410

Food fit for a party!

We had a gathering over the weekend to kick off summer!

Figured i’d put together my list of offerings as far as food goes, and then tell you how the left overs ended up moving forward!

Main Dishes:

Louisiana Hotlinks (basted with Famous Dave’ Spit Fire BBQ Sauce)

FamosDAvesBBQSpitFire HotLinkPhoto

You can find these hot links at Costco – they are a staple in the this house! We usually separate the package into sets of 3’s for personal use, but for the party – the package was able to remain whole!

Beer Can Chicken

I use a brine recipe that a friend gave me, I take the frozen chicken out Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, and brine till Saturday. Takes a couple days to defrost in the fridge anyway and as it does, it’s in all that goodness!

Then i use Love Rub, and let it sit in the fridge for a couple hours prior to cooking.

Check all the info on a previous post!

Usually i take all the bones from the chicken, and my “left over veggie nubs” and make some stock. Alas with a party, things sat for waaay to long, so it got tossed, oh the sadness… (Hint: i learned this from the 365 crock pot lady, when you cut up veggies (carrots, celery, onions, garlic etc) wash everything, including the skin, as you cut those pieces off, save them in the freezer, when you need stuff to make a broth, you are all set! I also throw in jalapeno and green pepper pieces)

Black Bean Burgers

I just get the big old box from Costco – it’s our favorite, they don’t stick to the grill and they taste great! Only 2 minutes or a side, or until you remember about them!




For my appetizers:

I went will almost all 365 crock pot lady recipes!

Since i have my triple dipper (more info on my crock pot love here)

Pizza Dip (i freeze shredded cheese in 1/2 cup or 1 cup portions for easy creation of this dip!)

Brie with Apricots (i was able to freeze a wheel of brie with no adverse affects when i made this, even easier to cut off the rind when frozen)

Mommy Crack (for this recipe i pre-cook all the sausage when i buy a whole bunch, then i’ll freeze the pork with a box of cream cheese in a food saver bag, so when I’m ready, whala, all dumped into the crock pot and good to go!)

Reuben Dip (i get brisket on sale, cook it up, de-fat it, chop it up, and freezer it till i’m ready. Again freeze the cheese in correct portions, then everything is pretty much plop and go)


This was thanks to RR magazine and a long plane ride! We experiemented with it at easter, and decided, it a fabulous desert to bring for a crowd! It does indeed rival Liquor cake!

Peanut Butter Bowl

The rest was mostly thanks to costco

Stacy’s Pita Chip, a giant back of tortilla chips, french baguette and french loaf of bread (safeway, day of) but costco’s little baby baguettes re-constitute rather well, and a bag of asian cracker mix!

Left over uses!

You can make sandwiches with the Reuben spread

I used the pizza dip in my polenta lasagna  (now i don’t bother with the pre-made polenta, i just do quick grits, and smooth it between the levels) I used the left over pasta sauce from the pizza dip at the bottom level, put the veggies, then smoothed the pizza dip, then more polenta, veggies and the dip and a little bit of the left over sauce

Brie if pretty tasty just warmed and cut into chunks

There is never any left over mom crack…

Never any left over chicken

And the peanut butter bowl only had the bottom, so it was tossed, so it didn’t become breakfast!

Easter Egg Coloring 2013



Another year, another 60+ eggs!

This year, we banished  the boys and luckily they had other things to do – they just aren’t as colorful or creative as us ladies!
I all starts with a trip to costco – yup – the big pack – i got a 60 pack and an extra 18 in case we had some casualties

The Eggs

Then to boiling the eggs. I use the Better Home – New Cookbook (i assure you is nothing close to being new!)

Eggs into pot, cover with water, bring to a boil, simmer for 15 minutes. Ice bath for 10 minutes. Always works great for me.

And the fancy spider wand mom gave me a couple years ago are great for getting them out of the water – i used to attempt tipping the pan over the sink…  that used “kill” a few!

IMG_4480 IMG_4481

Then some one told me about “oven boiling”. Intrigued, i looked it up. Sounded more productive than my 14-16 at a time…

Heat the oven to 325, (in my house you definitely need to let the oven cycle at least 2 times once it gets to temp or you get nasty soft boiled like i did with my first 24…) But if you let it truly get to temp, then put in your eggs for at least 35, but 40 min is better…  Take them out, ice bath…  whala – eggs.

Definitely harder to get those hot little suckers out of the mini muffin pans…  I did squish one a little too hard… so another casualty! But now that i have the process down, definitely faster and less stressful since i do have a habit of forgetting that i am waiting for the water to boil and it needs to be turned down!


The comes the fun part! Egg coloring!

A couple years ago i learned how to marble the eggs! (1 tsp vinegar, 1/2 cup boiling water, 1 tablespoon veg/canola oil! The oil makes the color fun and marbled! We did learn this year that the wider bowls work a bit better as the water cools (hey it takes a long time to color 60 eggs!) We also had neon colors, regular colors and a tie die kit that my friend brought! We have a great time and made some great eggs! It kills me to break them open to make deviled eggs or egg salad – but i get over it!  :)

IMG_4486 IMG_4487 IMG_4488 IMG_4489 IMG_4490

Cheers and Happy Easter! Let’s eat!