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Carpenter Peak

We decided to cross this one off the list before it was too late and hot in the season. It was still probably a little too late, but i’m looking forward to doing it again in the fall and adding the back loop! It’s part of Roxborough State park. There are other shorter option, but none have much shade! All trials info here

We started pretty early – hit the park by 8, 8:15. It was free day, we didn’t know till too late, but apparently the people wanting free, also wanted to sleep in, so we were ushered right through the park and into the first parking lot woot!

Pro tip: bathrooms at the visitor center and very nice, with a sink and soap and hand drier!

We started out just as another large group was getting started. We were a little nervous, but it all worked out and as we took turns passing each other we learned some interesting tidbits!


  • 6.5 miles, 1000 foot elevation gain
  • A nice hike, in direct sun.
  • Add more on in the fall and take a different way back

Herman Gulch

We had done this as “family” a few years ago. I decided to do it again this year as as training hike!

We started pretty early, a smidge before 7am – it was about 45 degrees, and the path was mostly in the shade until our way back down which was great! Don’t worry about too many layers, this was mid july and climbing up that first steep butt kicker gets your heart going and your heat up!

The hike has everything – forest, meadow, alpine rocky and a lake – everywhere you turn it’s a beautiful sight! Totally worth the journey!

The flowers were absolutely stunning this time! Meadows of columbines! So many different colors and types! We saw a lot of people just hiking the first mile to see the flowers


  • 6.5-7 miles, 1700 foot elevation gain, starts at about 10 and ends at 12,130
  • Hard!
  • It is definitely a slog, but you can do it!!
  • The lake at the end was amazing, totally worth the trip, bring a snack and enjoy!
  • Pro tip – porta potty is gross, bring TP
  • All trails link

Another option: You can extend the trip on the continental divide trail. About half a mile from the end there is a split that isn’t signed.

Mt Galbraith

This trail has been in and out of my life since I first moved to Colorado. As I learn more about the area, the views and terrain seems to change and mean more each time!

The parking is quite limited, so the best times is weekdays or early, really early. Or really off season, but in Colorado that is a trick, isn’t it.

There is very little shade, so plan accordingly.

I have done the trail left and right at the lolly pop. Left seems to have a bit more of a heart pumping assent, but both are fine.

Pro tip: The “top” can be tricky. If you are not taking a trail to the top, do not expect to reach the tippy top. If you are going counter clockwise, when you reach a point where you climb over some rocks and see an up trail and a down trail – you missed the rock steps to descend!

Verdict: Great after work hike! Or mid winter!

Hiking Mt Sanitas

Hike Mt Sanitas
Saturday I made it to my first farmers market of the season – woohoo!
I got summer squash, giant green onions, a red pepper and a yellow pepper, a pound of tomatillos, and bunch of cilantro – all for under 8 dollars! Woohoo!
I was tricked on the summer squash, they molded by today – sigh…
I’ll be more diligent next time!
I got the tomatillos to make something i had been holding the recipe on for over 2 years! Every time i went to make it the tomatillos were $1 a piece and i needed 8 for the recipe… so it was put on the back burner! But now was the time!

Shortly after I returned home my friend L asked if I wanted to go for a hike. I debated for a smidge (we had friend coming over at 4pm for a BBQ).
I decided to give hubby a list and head off to the mountains!

Stairs, stairs, stairsWe did a 3.2 mile loop and I didn’t read the description in my book as well as i should have and started to the right, which meant it was a giant stair climber…  Reminded me of Mt Monadnoc in New Hampshire. Love that hike. Anyway – it felt good to drag my body up the mountain.
Rocks and paths
The climbing of the steps were a great workout! The views were great, and some of the houses up there were amazing! Great workout!
Fabulous Houses